Anasuria Operating Company celebrates one year of transformation

10th June 2023

Anasuria Operating Company celebrates one year of transformation

Anasuria Operating Company (AOC) is proud to mark its first anniversary as duty holder of the Anasuria Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading vessel (FPSO). Over the past year, AOC has undergone an impressive transformation, focusing on safety, environmental responsibility, and operational advancements, while charting a promising path for the future.


Reducing emissions

We have implemented several plant optimisation measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the FPSO, resulting in an impressive 42% reduction in emissions since the beginning of 2019. By enhancing scrutiny on fuel gas consumption throughout the plant, significant reductions have been achieved in stripping gas requirements, flare purge, and blanket gas. To improve monitoring and measurement procedures, higher-spec flare meters have been installed, along with the implementation of a flare management procedure.


Asset integrity

Since becoming duty holder of the FPSO in June 2022, AOC has continued to invest in maintenance and improvement of asset integrity to ensure safe and productive operations. This commitment is evident in our remarkable achievement of over 99% uptime from January to June this year, the highest figure since acquiring the Anasuria FPSO in 2016. Additionally, we have successfully reduced maintenance backlog by approximately 50%, demonstrating our efficiency and focus on doing the right thing to maintain safe operations.


Safety and people at the heart of AOC

AOC’s dedication to safety was acknowledged at the OEUK Step Change in Safety Awards in September of last year. During the ceremony, the team won two out of six awards for Safety Rep of the Year and Operational Integrity. These accomplishments emphasise our unwavering commitment to fostering a safety-oriented culture and maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence.

Once again, we demonstrated our continued focus on safety by being selected as finalists in two categories at this year’s Safety Awards. George Demopoulos, a core team member on the Anasuria FPSO, was nominated for Safety Representative of the Year, while Nick McLeod and the Anasuria Welfare Committee were nominated in the Welfare and Wellbeing category. These nominations reflect AOC’s ongoing endeavours to prioritise the wellbeing of our workforce and promote a secure working environment.

As a joint venture between Ping Petroleum and Anasuria Hibiscus UK, AOC is strategically positioned to strengthen its presence in the North Sea. With a forward-looking approach, we recognise that people are our greatest asset. In addition to maintaining high standards in production, safety, and environmental responsibility, we are committed to continuously improving by actively driving growth and seeking professionals who share our vision for the future. Aligning with our commitment to maintaining and enhancing these standards, AOC actively seeks individuals with specialised knowledge and skills to contribute to the successful execution of projects. Recognising that the right talent is crucial, we value the expertise and capabilities of our workforce.

Richard Beattie - CEO

Flagship office move

To accommodate expanding operations and provide an even better working environment for our growing team, we recently relocated to new headquarters within the H1 Hill of Rubislaw complex. This relocation exemplifies our dedication to supporting operations and fostering a conducive work environment that enables employees to thrive.

Richard Beattie CEO of Anasuria Operating Company said:

“AOC has enjoyed an exceptional year since becoming duty holder of the Anasuria FPSO, but this is just the beginning. Becoming duty holder has given us the autonomy to shape the future of our asset at an accelerated pace, build new partnerships and implement improved working practices. This year has seen safe operations and our highest uptime since acquiring the Anasuria FPSO in 2016, exceptional performance from the team.

“In the last 12 months we have made great strides implementing material transformation right across our business. Empowerment, authenticity, and progression aren’t just values for our wall or our website – they are embedded throughout our organisation, and undoubtedly influence the collaborative ethos and focus on safe performance that enables our remarkable team of onshore and offshore staff to continuously deliver exceptional performance.

“We are enhancing that team with outstanding individuals who share our vision and want to shape their own roles to drive AOC forward.

“Looking to the future, we are fully committed to safe operations in the North Sea and continuing to build and strengthen our team Anasuria still has approximately twelve years left of production and I foresee exciting times ahead as we look for opportunities to extend that.”

Earlier this year, AOC underwent a comprehensive rebranding effort to establish its unique identity and enhance its practices. The objective was to define a distinct voice for the company as an independent duty holder. This rebranding encompassed the articulation of our vision, mission, and values, as well as the development of a new website.

In addition, we have recently successfully completed an 8-month project that involved transitioning all IT systems on the Anasuria FPSO from the previous duty holder, Petrofac, to AOC. This achievement represents a significant stride forward as we drive ahead with our transformation and business improvements.

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