A letter from our CEO:

Richard Beattie
Chief Executive Officer

Constant improvement requires collective action.

Last year brought many uncertainties across the world but despite the challenges, it was a landmark year for Anasuria Operating Company (AOC). Having taken over as Installation and Pipeline Operator in June, we are now one of the smallest independent Operators in the UK North Sea.

Although the asset is twenty-three years old, we have improved the uptime by over 12%, and over the last three years have achieved > 92% Operating Efficiency. Although this is great performance, we want to do better and have the desire to keep improving.


Over the last 6 years, there has been transformational change across the entire organisation. We started with a few key people and a heavy reliance on 3rd parties to support our asset and drive our strategic objectives. We have continuously expanded our team and built our capabilities to give us full control of our business to continue to drive efficiency and maximise value for our shareholders as a safe and prudent operator of a late-life asset.

Becoming duty holder has given us the autonomy to shape the future of our asset, partner with key 3rd parties and implement improved working practices.

Safety is Non-Negotiable

At the core of our business is the safety of our people and the environment.

Over the past year, we started to share some of our practices within the industry and are delighted to have been awarded two safety awards by the OEUK at the 2022 Step Change in Safety Awards. Our asset is eight years without an LTI, and we have also won 24 consecutive ROSPA order of distinction awards.

We look within when it comes to new opportunities, and I am grateful to have an energetic and driven team of people who want to show what can be done.

"Over the last three years we have achieved > 92% Operating Efficiency. Although this is great performance, we want to do better and have the desire to keep improving."

Our People

Our people are our most important asset, and we are proud members of Investors in People who support AOC with employee connection, engagement, well-being and organisational culture.

Having worked in the Oil & Gas sector for over twenty-two years, I have been fortunate to have had opportunities to live and work in several different countries and appreciate their unique cultures. Being a Manager for seventeen of those years, I have consistently built strong and engaged teams by treating people with respect, empowering them to make decisions and providing growth opportunities through open and honest communication. I believe these simple principles are key motivational factors for any individual to be at their best.

I want the company to be a place where people enjoy their work, not just a place to get through the day. We spend a big part of our lives working, and at AOC, we are focussed on continuous improvement and being better. We are open to ideas to improve the business and actively encourage our people to innovate, make decisions and be part of something special – a company that our people can feel proud of.

Looking Forward

The energy business is going through a transformational period moving toward Net Zero and Renewable Energy and we need to be fast, dynamic and resilient in the face of the challenges ahead. AOC will innovate and find solutions to ensure that we can provide security of supply and drive our asset towards a more sustainable future.

We are fortunate to have an extremely engaged and motivated workforce both on and offshore and have a mission to be recognised as the best small independent Operator in the UK North Sea. We have big ambitions, and we believe our people can continue to deliver.

Richard Beattie
Chief Executive Officer

Anasuria Operating Company